Thank you to my mom for the wonderful letter she wrote, check it out below.

Aramis is a unique fellow. It’s almost as if his father and I knew that when he was born and gave him his unusual name: Aramis.

It seems to suit him.

Growing up, Aramis was a quiet but active kid.  Didn’t get into much trouble and made friends easily.  He had a few bumps along the way, his father and I didn’t stay together and he helped this inexperienced Mom by nearly raising himself. He was always a fixer, and a problem solver, which helped him become the independent thinking man that he has grown into.  He seemed to like helping other even at a young age, and I told him I thought maybe he’d go into a profession where he’d help others. His response was “Nah…” and smiled and went on his way.

Look where he is today…. Running for the Minnesota House, because he wants to help people.

Imagine wanting a position badly enough to jump through the hoops that a candidate has to.  Most of us when wanting change jobs, update our resumes and send them out. Once we hear from a prospective employer, we may go through several interviews and then wait a few days. The entire process usually is completed within a few weeks.

Aramis began planning for this over a year ago and announced his candidacy in January, which set his campaign into motion. His family worked together each step of the way, focusing on a principled campaign. Family and friends gladly gave their time and money so that Aramis could go forward with his campaign including the website, Facebook page, radio interviews, literature, signs, more signs, BIGGER signs and parades, including a fire truck and manure spreader. Then came the forums, and more interviews and always shaking hands and listening to people’s concerns all along the way. And dealing with opposition, with a quiet wisdom and integrity. Aramis has run a clean campaign all the way. In an election year that has generated so much hatred isn’t that a refreshing change.

Imagine wanting a position badly enough to go through all this. Would you? And if he wins, he will have to do this all over again in two years!

Aramis is a unique individual who will stand out among the professional politicians in St. Paul. Minnesota needs that, now more that ever.

I love this kid, but also like him a whole lot for the man that he has become.

The Mom,

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